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Harry Potter Memo Pad Reveals Hogwarts Castle as You Tear Away Notes


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Regular Price: $99.00

Special Price $54.00

Regular Price: $99.00

Special Price $54.00


The castle's brilliant design doesn't display itself unless you use the pad and tear away the papers one by one. The 150 pages are perforated alongside the model for an easy tear and have some pop-up designs from the wizarding world like Harry's glasses. The block also comes with a pen stand. Once you have used all the sheets, the block can still have a useful place on your shelf or desk!
The detailing of the castle is stunning.

In other words, the school isn’t obvious at first glance. You uncover Hogwarts piece of paper by piece of paper. The more memos you write and tear away, the more of the majestic and detailed model of the building you can see.

As each page is used and ripped away, Hogwarts Castle begins to appear along the spine of the pad. When all the pages are finally gone, a replica of the wizarding school is ready for display on a desk or shelf.

The ingenious design begins as a thick pad of paper. In varying colors, some of the pages have pop-up designs which Harry Potter fans will immediately recognize—such as Harry's broomstick. Each sheet is perforated strategically around the outlines of the 3D castle. Keep the pad on your desk and write memos to coworkers or reminders to yourself. As the sheets are used and removed, the tips of the turrets begin to appear. Green trees emerge, and eventually, the full castle is exposed.
As you use the pads and pull out the notes, a three-dimensional architectural model or an object is gradually revealed!

Now, that’s not just some spare change lying around in your pocket or under your couch cushions. But you’re paying for quality.

When you use up the memo pad paper, the model’s there to stay for as long as you want. So think of it less as an office curio and more of a permanent collection piece to add to your Potterhead collection.

Once you have used up all the pages, you will have an impressive piece of memorabilia.
Harry Potter fans will adore this functional and impressive gift, especially as many people still work from home.

LED light option: If you select the led light, there will be lights in the castle (battery is included).

If you select "No led lights", the memo pad will not have lights in the castle.


8 x 8 x 4 cm for the no light memo note.

9 x 9 x 4 cm for the memo note with led light ( 2 of CR2032 batteries are included in the pacakge)


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