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Faceted Glass Crystal Prism Sun Catcher Window Ornament


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  • Stunning designed crystal strands.
  • In the pictures, there are one to seven layers of crystal strands.
  • The length of each strand is different.
  • Small 11mm stainless steel rings are used to connect each crystal. Therefore, the strands look denser. 
  • The average strand length for the back layer is longer than the strands in the front layer. We will design and number each strand before shipping.
  • You will receive each individual strand marked with numbers (1,2,3,4…) so you'll know the sequences for installing each crystal strand.
  • At the end of each strand, there is a big droplet prism.
  • You can choose the shape of each droplet prism to be all different like the ones in the pictures.
  • Or you can choose the droplet prism to be crystal ball prisms only.
  • You will receive our custom made track that is specially designed to hang the crystal curtains. This special track is not sold at any hardware stores. You may receive the track in two or three pieces if it is too long for shipping. One track can hang two layers of crystals if you order double layer crystals. The track is ceiling mounted. The track color is white.
  • The crystal is a better quality of lead crystal. It has more sparkle than acrylic prisms which are frequently used in wedding decorations due to being cost effective. There are many different quality lead crystals on the market. They might seem fine from the pictures but ours has the best quality among other lead crystal prisms.
  • If you love the sparkle sun catcher, you will love this crystal curtain. It is like the cluster of a sun catcher.
  • In order to create the rainbows on the wall, there must be direct sunlight.
  • For example, if you have an east facing window, the rainbows will show on the wall in the morning. If you have a west facing window, the rainbows will show on the wall in the afternoon. If you have a north facing window, the crystal curtains will still be a great decoration but there will be no rainbows in the room. If you have a south facing window, the curtains will create a longer time period of beautiful rainbows.
  • Price is per feet. Please provide the width and length of your space to us and we will let you know the quote of your crystal curtains.


1.     The track will be cut according to the size you choose so please understand that you must provide a very accurate measurement as this product is not returnable or exchangeable once it is cut.

2.     We will connect all the octagonal crystal prisms to the 11 mm stainless steel rings before shipping. You need to hang each strand to the track after you receive the package. It will take time to connect all the strands to the track as the crystals are heavy and high quality. You must be very patient so consider it as a weekend fun project and not to rush through it. We cannot hang the strands to the track ahead of time because it is not easy or safe to ship that way as it can result in damages.

3.     The depth of the track is about 2”. You must have 2” of space for the track.

4.     Please do not wash the crystal with water or else you will create water marks that are very hard to be removed. Please only clean the crystal with dry cloth or a very soft brush.



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