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Cherry Blossom Purple Door Curtain


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  • Rod pocket

  • Size: 34"W x 59" (88cm x 150cm)

  • Split in the center: The noren curtain one split in the center to allow people to go through easily.

  • Great for any doors (power room doors, washroom doors, restaurant doors, bedroom doors)

  • 100% Japanese hemp fabric that has natural rough texture and superior durability.

  • This high end noren curtain is hand dyed so the color might not be exactly the same as the pictures.

  • Highly recommended for the following situation

1. If your powder room is close to your kitchen, you need a door curtain to keep the odour out.

2. If your powder / bathroom is close to your house entrance, you need a door curtain to keep the odour out. It is also one of the worst feng shui practice if your bathroom is close to your house entrance and a door curtain can fix the problem without spending a high cost for renovation (such as removing your washroom).

3. If your bathroom door faces your bed, you need a door curtain to keep the odour out. You also will not sleep well if the bathroom door faces your bed and a door curtain can fix this problem.

All in all. A door curtain keeps the dirty chi (negative energy) in the bathroom without affecting your living environment. No matter how clean your bathroom is, it is always a space that contains negative energy as it is where your body waste goes.



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