Kids Bedding

Are you looking for fun, cool, or cute bedding set for your little ones? You can find Hello Kitty Bedding, Peanut Snoopy Bedding, Animals Bedding, Space Travel Bedding and exquisite quilt applique bedding in this section. If you are looking for high quality and unique bedding sets for kids, you must look at our appliques series duvet cover sets. These duvet covers have the best design and the exquisite techniques. The patterns, for example, the dinosaurs, planets, or airplanes, are made by real appliques that are joined together by hand. The edges are finished with clean embroidered lines. Therefore, the time spent to make each duvet cover is 10 times than the regular duvet cover that is made by printed fabric. Another fun bedding you won't want to miss out is the Solar System Space Blue Glow in Dark Duvet Cover Set. The special and expensive ink will absorb the light and will later re-emit that stored light energy to make it glow at some level of brightness. Please keep the bedroom light on for a period of time to let the stars absorb light first.