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Luxury Lace Love Wrap-Around Bed Skirt


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  • Exclusively ours.
  • Beautiful embroidery lace bed skirt that everyone deserves to have!

  • It is a new design that used a different way to construct the bed skirt and the ruffle density is higher than the original lace love bed skirts. It looks even more luxurious.

  • When you select the white option. The bed skirt is made with white cotton and ivory lace.
  • When you select the pink option, the bed skirt is made with pink cotton and ivory lace. The cotton is pink and the lace overlay is ivory. 
  • When you select the peach pink option, the bed skirt is made with peach pink cotton and ivory lace. The cotton is pink with a little orange/peach tone and the lace overlay is ivory. 
  • When you select the ivory option, the bed skirt is made with ivory cotton and ivory lace.
  • When you select the brown option, the bed skirt is made with brown cotton and ivory lace.
  • We only use the highest quality embroidery lace to make this bed skirt so the product you receive looks just like the pictures.
  • Luxury double layer design. Bottom layer is cotton fabric. Top layer is delicate lace (ivory). The lace is only available in ivory, not white.

  • Easily attach the Wrap-Around Wonderskirt Bed Skirt to your bed without having to lift the mattress.
  • Twin bed skirt measures 39"W x 80"L with 20" skirt drop. 
  • Full bed skirt measures 39"W x 80"L with 20" skirt drop.
  • Queen bed skirt measures 60"W x 80"L with 20" skirt drop. 
  • King bed skirt measures 78"W x 80"L with 20" skirt drop.
  • If 22" skirt drop doesn't work for you, please contact us.
  • The bed skirt drop length will be a little longer than the listed size. The reason is that the skirt is very heavy. It uses double the amount of the fabric to give you the best result. The extra fabric can be tucked into your boxspring/mattress to help secure this double-layer bed skirt.

  • The bed skirt in the picture is 4" longer than the actual height of the boxspring. The boxspring is 16" and the bed skirt is about 20". If your bed is lowered, you can tuck the extra fabric underneath your mattress.

  • Please note that this item is custom made for you upon order. The size cannot be changed after the order is received. The order cannot be canceled. Custom orders are not returnable or refundable. Therefore, please measure your bed carefully before placing your order.

    Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery.

  • Matching pink duvet cover set is available.

  • Matching white duvet cover set is available.
  • Curtain panels are available.

  • Matching shams are available.

  • Question: Hi, I received my bed ruffle and euro shams today. They are beautiful! Also can you tell me how to launder/care for them?
  • Answer:The safest way is to hand wash or dry clean it as the lace is very delicate.Washer and dryer will damage the ruffles, lace, sheer.The spinning in the washer will enlarge the lace unevenly so the lace won’t look as good as right now.If you really want to use the washer, please use a heavy duty mesh wash bag.There are mesh wash bags that are very big and designed to use with bedding.However it is really not recommended to put them in your washer.When ironing it, you can use the high temperature on the cotton fabric but for the surface lace, please turn the temperature low as high heat will damage the lace.
  • Question: I am curious about the length of bed skirt. It looks like the lace overlay is longer than the cotton underlay. If so, which one is the length I am ordering? Ex. 18" ordered means lace is 18" or cotton is 18"? 
  • Answer: Usually the cotton liner is 1-2 inches shorter than the lace. For example, if you order a 20” drop, the longest point of the lace would be 20” and the cotton liner would be 19”-20. Also, if 20” is the exact length from the top of the boxspring to the floor, you might need the drop length to be 2 - 5” longer in order to get the dragging effect as shown in the pictures. However, the longer it gets, the higher chance you might trip yourself. Please also keep in mind that if your skirt drop is too short, there is no way to change it. But if your skirt is too long, you can still tuck some fabric between the mattress and the boxspring. Thanks.

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  • Rating
    Great quality
    Review by Zee
    Great quality bedskirt. Tremendous upgrade from the original bedskirt I had purchased because it's so much fuller, adjustable, and convenient!
  • Rating
    Review by Jamie
    I ordered the pink-laced wraparound bedskirt and it is beautiful! The quality of the material is exquisite, allowing the lace to lay well under the material weight.
  • Rating
    Review by ward2667
    Amazing quality and workmanship. Looks
    Beautiful. Creamy color. Just stunning!

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